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Important: Before starting the following work, because burning will cause data loss, so firstly make sure nothing is stored in your USB media, or nothing important data in it. At the same time, an empty partition where the OS will be installed needs to be prepared on your PC, if not, the data in the partition may also be lost after the installation.

Prepare the USB media for installing Linux Mint

Firstly, prepare the USB media, it can be a U disk or a USB mobile hard disk, and then, the installer for the installation of Linux Mint will be burning on this.

to follow the official manual of Ubuntu to make a USB media for Linux installing.

The above tutorial is to teach you how to make a USB media for installing Ubuntu. When installing Linux Mint, you only thing you need to do is change the ISO path to the path of Linux Mint ISO file, the others are exactly the same.

  • Here will use a software called Rufus, click here to open the official site of Rufus, also, you can click here to download Rufus directly.

About the ISO image of Linux Mint

You can get the ISO image from the official site of Linux Mint. Click here to open the official site of Linux Mint or click here to download the Linux Mint 19.1.

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